Free Anonymous Masks, for all?
Range of new masks, for free and paid

As part of our fundraising project, it is our aim to send out as many free Anonymous masks as possible. Whether that will happen, or even be possible remains to be seen... As they say, ``watch this space``

The current mask adopted by the Anonymous collective generates a profit for TimeWarner who hold the rights to the mask image.

At we intend to design, manufacture and distribute a range of ``Anonymous`` masks, with profits being donated back into Anonymous Operations and other humanitarian causes.

It is hoped that the range of masks produced at will each be designed in a way to show that Anonymous is about peace. Those who act in the name of Anonymous and are violent whilst protesting do not understand Anonymous. Anyone can call themselves ``Anonymous``, only those who understand what Anonymous is and in a peaceful manner are true Anonymous.

Hopefully, there will be fundraising in place to send free masks to those who are unable to pay. Alternative possibility is that the person wanting a free mask may have to complete a survey, or some other time activity which will earn sufficient money to contribute to the cost of the mask. This again, may or may not happen as it is a huge project.

We will be researching designs and manufacturing companies and aim to have production of this mask and distribution around August 2018, or hopefully in time for MMM. If this is not possible for whatever reason, then it is hoped that manufacture and distribution will be sometime this year.

The pre-design (cgi) and final product images will appear on this page soon.

If you would like to help out this project in anyway, please join our chat rooms.

You can chat with some of our founders of this project either through discord or IRC, either way is easy enough, and you don't need an account!

Hopefully this project will be complete, however, there may be some unforseen circumstance which will cause this project not to complete.

If you would like to register to receive updates to this project and a possibility of ordering your free or paid mask, please hit the button below... to pre order. (

Please remember that mask project is in its early stages.  It is hoped that distribution will be available around August 2017, however, this may not happen due to circumstances unforseen.

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17Feb, 2017

Anonymous CD & Booklet

We’re in the process of producing a CD of music along with a booklet of lyrics, poems and inspiration. The tracks and booklet can be downloaded for free from this site, but its a lot cooler to own the physical product, right?  Infact, sub zero! OK, so, this CD and booklet can be shipped worldwide, profits going towards our fundraising. Temp article:  Created 17th February […] - news / anonops / info

This site will be updated over the next few weeks to include products and services.  This site is temporary at the moment, it is being developed to include a range of Anonymous related merchandise.  Updates to this site started on 6th June 2018, products and services will be for sale soon. Please, call back.

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