Anonymous Operations - News & ReportsAt we partake in various Anonymous Operations (Anon Ops). Anonymous is a collective with many different areas both legal and illegal. We do not take part in any hacking (illegal) operations. All our op work is both humanitarian and legal. Examples of the Anonymous Operations we partake in are: opsafewinter, opfreeanons, animal cruelty, ophomeless, we also help maintain several Anonymous Operation websites and humnaitarian websites .

We assist in several humanitarian Anonymous Operations. We do not condone either DDOS or unauthorised hacking as both are illegal. You can see the extreme sentences given to previous hackers at
We do not condone any hacking / ddos / illegal activity. We encourage you to join us in our ops in order to help make the world a better place.

We are Anonymous
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. As part of the Anonymous collective, we seek to fundraise in an open transparent way and invite criticisms on how to achieve this.
About Anonymous Foundation
Anonymous Foundation seeks to exist in an effort to facilitate an open transparent system to provide financial donations to those #OpFreeAnons who are being opressed in addition to #OpHomeless
Our financial records
As soon as products and services are being sold from this site, financial records will appear. We invite criticism on how to make our finances as 100% transparent as possible.

Want to help? Need help?
Anonymous Operations

There are many ways in which you can help Anonymous Operations. You can be an online activist, offline activist or both. The Anonymous Operations our project supports are numerous, however we do have specific websites for some:, opanimalcruelty, opstopscammers, opunite, opsafewinter.

If you're looking to help or whether you wish to help Anonymous, please join the chatrooms, search for other chat rooms, or contact our project directly.

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17Feb, 2017

Anonymous CD & Booklet

We’re in the process of producing a CD of music along with a booklet of lyrics, poems and inspiration. The tracks and booklet can be downloaded for free from this site, but its a lot cooler to own the physical product, right?  Infact, sub zero! OK, so, this CD and booklet can be shipped worldwide, profits going towards our fundraising. Temp article:  Created 17th February […] - Anonymous Operations & News

This site will be updated over the next few weeks to include products and services.  This site is temporary at the moment, it is being developed to include a range of Anonymous related merchandise.  Updates to this site started on 6th June 2018, products and services will be for sale soon. Please, call back.

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