Anonymous Chat Rooms


There are an unknown number of Anonymous chatrooms.  It is suggested that if you’re new to Anonymous then you should join different chat rooms.   To get you started, there are some links below: and  –  Anonymous Nexus IRC  (for Anonymous Operations and several other services)   Anonymous Operations IRC


Quick chat for project
and other Anonymous Ops:


This is discordapp chat, you don’t need an account.   It is suggested that you head over to the #invites channel to find invites to other Anonymous servers using the discordapp service.   Unfortunately, there exist a number of supposedly “Anonymous” servers who do not value the core fundamental beliefs of Anonymous, #FreeSpeech!   Such server admns also do not know who Assange is, nor do they know that Anonymous has no hierarchy.   You need to decide for yourself what is and what is not Anonymous chat.

Quick Chat for learning cyber skills

Sometimes, if you are not helping with Anonymous operations, then you’re likely to be kicked out from the chat servers.  You’re free to rejoin if you are willing to help out, or if you need help yourself from us.  This is done in an attempt to keep chat servers organised.

This site will be updated over the next few weeks to include products and services.  This site is temporary at the moment, it is being developed to include a range of Anonymous related merchandise.  Updates to this site started on 6th June 2018, products and services will be for sale soon. Please, call back.

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