Free website hosting, free domain nameIf your website is non profit and for a good cause, you can take advantage of our free hosting and domain name service. You do not need to pay for a website host. You're able to do any speed checks with our servers in comparison to other services, you will see our speed is fast.
Access to your webspace is at the moment via FTP only, in future you will have a control panel.
You are able to choose your domain name, however, it is not always guaranteed that we will purchase the domain name. You may purchase the domain name yourself and use our services (hosting) for free, alternatively, you may apply to who will then decide whether domain is purchased on your behalf.
Either way, you can have your website online within minutes and start building it!

Managed security

Have a java coffee and realx, knowing your website is maintained by our own security solutions

Dedicated Hosting

Fast hosting either through our services or from our dedicated servers, free.

SEO advice

Included is SEO advice, to enable your website to be listed quickly on search engines and found.

Free website domain and hosting is for humanitarian / non profit websites only.  Your website will benefit from faster hosting as well as our advanced security techniques which include ddos mitigation.
This project has just started, very soon there will be a control panel allowing you complete control over your webspace, what you want to install there,  or a site builder – making it easy for everyone to build their own website without the need to learn any programming.
The offer for this webspace is for humanitarian / good causes.  No adverts will be placed upon your website (which is the norm for free hosts).

Free website, hosting & domain - No catch, No ads!
We are Anonymous. We offer free products and services:

In order to help other non profit projects and humanitarian causes, we're able to offer you a range of free web products and services.
Some examples of our free web services for you:
Free hosting
Free cpanel
Free install from a choice of several website open source scripts
Free help in customising your website (help in form of online tutorials)
Free drag and drop web builder (build your site without any propgramming knowledge)
Free server security maintained by ourselves
Free anti DDOS and DDOS mitigation from third party as well as ourselves

No programming knowledge needed! It is advisable to not use many web hosting services, for example, such services will not allow you to take your files and host with another company, essentially locking you in to their paid service. We are free. We also let you take your files to anywhere you want, if you choose to leave our free service, although, why would you? Please, do not allow yourself to dedicate your time making a website only to find out that you're locked in to the supplier and can't export your work. We are free, yet, we offer you a premium service which you would normally have to pay for.
Our service is free because we use a number of hosts and maintain our own servers.
We are Anonymous. We do not seek to make a profit.
This website is non profit meaning that you can use our products and services for free, on the provision that you are a humanitarian, non profit cause.

As a non profit website, we are able to offer other non profit humanitarian causes a free website hosted on web servers which we directly maintain ourselves.

Different web scripts
You're able to install a number of open source webscripts through a one click install from your control panel. For example, this website is wordpress, you can install this yourself from your control panel into your hosting space for your website.
Why free?
This service is free - because we are Anonymous, we believe in free distribution of information. It is one of our aims to support this by offering free webspace.
Unique Performance Tweaks
We install the operating system on our webservers, then, dependant upon the operating system we make further adjustments and tweaks to ensure the security is as good as it can possibly be, from all known vulnerabilities and attacks.
24/7 Secure Monitoring
All servers are monitored 24 hours and support is also 24 hours via our chatrooms or forums. For secure support, you need raise a support ticket directly with our server administrators.

Other FeaturesIn hosting, free usually means slow, bad, offline, and forced ads. At - free means you're getting a premium service which you would be forced to pay for elsewhere, for free. No catch. No ads. 100% free.

Backups Available

You need to make backup of your website yourself, our tutorial will help you do this. Alternatively, if you really can not do this, we will do this for you for free.

Reliable Hardware

We use servers located around the world, leased / colocation. We use reliable hardware along with manual software tweaks to ensure maximum performance.

99.9% Server Uptime

Relax, knowing that your website is being cared for and benefits from extreme stability on our network.

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited bandwidth - unlimited traffic for your website. This does not include file sharing nor hosting your own videos. In the event that you wish to share large files, your account may be ``throttled`` to ensure stability performance of other users.

High Level Security

We make manual tweaks on our servers to ensure stability and security is at the highest level possible.

Experienced Techs

Technicians are available 24/7 but can only answer server hardware or software problems. We're not able to sort out any of your own coding. We provide assistance with server hardware or software problems and installation of webscripts such as wordpress.

Why Choose Free HostingSimply because if you are a non profit and humanitarian website, your free hosting here is comparable to many paid plans you'd have to pay for elsewhere - and in most cases, our services are a lot faster. Run your own speed tests to see!

Apply for your free domain name and free hosting service from now!

This site will be updated over the next few weeks to include products and services.  This site is temporary at the moment, it is being developed to include a range of Anonymous related merchandise.  Updates to this site started on 6th June 2018, products and services will be for sale soon. Please, call back.

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