Anonymous is not a profit making business, those who seek to make profit in the name of Anonymous do not understand what Anonymous is about.  This is a non profit project, meaning that we will actively seek to fundraise by developing and selling various products and services.   The profits made will be used to pay expenses for various different non profit humanitarian websites and technology.  Our ultimate aim is to generate enough profit in order to make donations to various humanitarian causes, examples being safeinter, homeless and legal expenses for freeanons.  Anonymous is often shown in the media to be hackers, that is far from the truth. Anonymous is everyone, hactivist or activist.  We do not condone any form of hacking, although other parts of the Anonymous collective obviously do.  However, we do support allegeded hacktivists and hacktivists by way of financial contributions to their legal funds, or sending books for them to read (if in prison).

Transparency – what money is received,  what money is paid out – full accounts will appear here as soon as the site has generated a profit.   At the moment, we’re just using bitcoin for donations as this is public information.

We seek a system or suggestions as to how the accounts for this project can be made 100% open and transparent.

We are non profit.

We are Anonymous.  We are Legion.  Expect Us!

This site will be updated over the next few weeks to include products and services.  This site is temporary at the moment, it is being developed to include a range of Anonymous related merchandise.  Updates to this site started on 6th June 2018, products and services will be for sale soon. Please, call back.

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